BLUEPOINT Active Intelligence Technology for confident portfolio management


BLUEPOINT deals with market conditions as they really are. Data Analysis reveals the realities of market behaviour, Scenario Specification lets you create a range of possible future environments, and Portfolio Construction helps you build portfolios that can manage them. BLUEPOINT provides clarity, in that you don’t just know what’s in your portfolio, you know precisely why it’s there. Clarity is the key to investment programme control.

BLUEPOINT is based on how markets actually behave. Experience shows that they are subject to periodic, fundamental and sometimes violent change, so risk must be managed dynamically, over a range of possible scenarios


BLUEPOINT sorts through masses of information, identifying clearly what is relevant and enabling you to see exactly what will happen to your portfolio and individual assets in different scenarios – which you can define for yourself, or find in the system’s library.


BLUEPOINT is a user-friendly information-management tool. The system asks you to place a degree of importance on a range of scenarios that you can choose or define, and then finds the portfolio that has the best chance of achieving the goals of the investment programme across the entire range of possibilities.

Key features

• Test your portfolios across a range of system-generated and user-defined scenarios

• Identify true diversifiers by comparing asset performance across a range of scenarios

• Clear, user-friendly, step-by-step approach to portfolio management
• Suitable for investment activity of any kind and at any scale, from small private wealth-management firms to vast global superannuation funds

• A full audit trail of investment decisions and the reasons for them – enabling internal and external oversight

• Accessible anywhere, with world-class security through the Microsoft Azure platform


BLUEPOINT is a cloud-based decision-support tool for investment professionals

BLUEPOINT Analytics was founded by a group of finance and digital professionals with the express aim of creating a comprehensive decision-support system to address the genuine needs of investment practitioners.

We believe that our technology will have a significant impact on future investment practice, as it utilises our unique BLUEPOINT Active Intelligence Technology to deliver clarification & control of your investment portfolio in dynamic market conditions. We no longer need to adhere to conventions that arose from an inability to analyse complex situations. The idea that markets essentially fluctuate around a single stable state, is repeatedly contradicted by events that demonstrate that markets shift into different environments. There isn’t one set of market conditions, there are many. BLUEPOINT enables you to manage risk and control your portfolio across a range of scenarios. It doesn’t predict the future but gives you a full and nuanced feel for current conditions. This means you can recognise market change and decide how best to manage your portfolio with confidence.

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